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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is secure, reliable, & scalable.
Gartner has recognized Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Leader and positioned it highest in execution and furthest in vision in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems among 20 vendors evaluated. 

Affernet solely relies on AWS for its managed web services solutions.
Managed web services typically refer to cloud-based services that are fully managed by a third-party provider such as Affernet. This means that we takes care of all the underlying infrastructure and maintenance tasks, such as server management, security, updates, and backups.

Some advantages of using managed web services include:

Reduced IT burden: Managed web services can free up valuable IT resources by outsourcing maintenance and management tasks to the provider.
Scalability: Managed web services can be easily scaled up or down based on business needs, without requiring significant investments in infrastructure.
Reliability: Managed web services are typically designed to be highly available and fault-tolerant, with built-in redundancies and failover mechanisms.
Security: Managed web services often come with robust security features and protocols, such as intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls, and data encryption.
Gatekeepr+ refers to how we manage your web services. Gatekeeper+ incorporates a broader approach to managed web services. It includes business owners, agencies, and devops teams as part of the security solution. Gatekeepr+ incorporates best practice protocols and processes, in addition to the latest AWS technology.

Scalable and dependable

Our backups include files & databases. We have also implemented ‘autoheal’ features which help to ensure rapid, up-to-date redeployment when it is required.
We frequently update the latest security patches. The servers are montitored 24/7. The platform has malware monitoring, and website montiroing.
In a nutshell, a continuous operation is guaranteed regardless of the demand. We understand many marketing campaigns often create unforeseen demand upon your platform and this is often difficult to forecast accurately. Especially for newly launched sites. Our ‘Gatekeeper+’ guarantee involves taking immediate action to facilitate this unforeseen demand as/if it occurs. Affernet will work to ‘keep the campaign active’ until a post action review can take place. This may require additional resources being allocated, a code review, or similar, but you can be confident that we will do our part to ensure continuous online success.


Maintaining the latest security patches on your server is essential for protecting your data and systems from security vulnerabilities, complying with regulatory requirements, improving performance and stability, managing risk, and demonstrating proactive security practices.
A CI/CD pipeline is a set of automated processes that allow developers to continuously build, test, and deploy their software applications.

CI/CD pipelines help to reduce the risk of introducing errors or bugs into the production environment, by catching issues early in the development cycle and ensuring that changes are thoroughly tested before being deployed.

Affernet assists developers set up effective CI/CD pipelines which enable developers to rapidly and safely release new features and updates to the managed services platform, without introducing unnecessary delays or risks.
Not all hosting environment are are created equal!

Live hosting environments are optimized for performance, reliability, and security, while dev hosting environments are often optimized for flexibility, collaboration, and rapid testing and development.
Both environments play a critical role in the software development lifecycle and are essential for delivering high-quality software applications and websites. Affernet has experience establishing both types of environments for your devops team.
Effective DNS management is critical for ensuring that a domain name is properly resolved and accessible to users. By correctly configuring and managing DNS records, organizations can ensure that their websites, email, and other online services are reliable and accessible to users around the world.

Website health monitoring

Gatekeepr+ provides 1 technical support with more technical expertise and faster issue resolution that standard call center support. Most importantly our service involves the provision of expert advice.
One of our unique Gatekeeper+ services includes monitoring of your website code. We monitor for database load inefficiencies, security risks, and general code anomalies which may represent intrusion events. We proactively encourage, and assist, clients to keep their code up to date, use best practice devops protocols, and maintain a high level of security governance.
Transparent hosting management is important because it builds trust and confidence, allows for budgeting and planning, encourages accountability and responsiveness, ensures security and compliance, and enables customization and optimization of hosting services.

Affernet works with agencies, devops teams, and business clients collaboratively to ensure the most effective, and secure, hosting is provided for you business.