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An Integrated
approach to managing web applications

We uniquely connect management, agencies, and DevOps teams, to ensure the most secure best practice underlies every web application we host.

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Doug Balmer

Founder – Affernet

Introducing ‘Gatekeeper+’
– peace of mind included

With the latest AWS Technology, Best Practice DevOps,
& Security Governance included in every Gatekeeper+
hosting account, we’ve redefined secure web hosting.

For Business

We help take the technical pain away from web application hosting.

For Agencies

Lower your agency risk. Add Tier 1 cloud managed infrastructure to your development team.

For Developers

We’ve got your back! Our AWS environments ensure secure, scalable devops with best practice built in.

AWS Cloud Technology.

Our hosting platform is powered by Amazon Web Services. Our expert technical team who support the AWS platform are the secret to our great work.

  • Transparent & Scalable
  • Backups and Secure
  • Ensures Best Practice by Design

Locally managed.

Australian based support & technical team

  • Stakeholder Best Practice Encouraged.
  • Cyber Threat Mitigation Where it Counts
  • Training & Advice

We Take the technical pain out of hosting solutions.

Our Gatekeeper+ Solutions Promotes Best Practice at Every Step.

  • Constantly evolving technical and security best practices
  • Developer Code Reviews
  • Training and Advice