Providing customised services that streamline your processes for more engaged collaboration, quick issue resolutions, more deploys, and improved stability

What we Offer

Managed Cloud

Whether it’s a public, private or even a hybrid cloud, Affernet offers cloud management strategies that will ensure smooth control over your cloud computing environments.

Our strategies and proven effective cloud management tools aim to help your business gain self-service capability, implement automated workflows, as well as make insightful analysis. As a result, you are left with lower expenses while being able to meet reporting, deployment and compliance requirements.

Dev Ops

Affernet’s DevOps solutions guarantee more frequent software deployment while preserving service stability to speed up processes that lead to innovation.

We begin by helping your dev and ops teams develop into a collaborative group of experts working with open communication and a project-oriented mindset. When both teams work together as one, the results are higher efficiency, faster innovation, and delivery of higher value to businesses, customers, and users. Affenet can assist your teams on how to deal with failure, quickly recover from it, and logically learn from it.


Already doing DevOps or just starting out?

Affernet will help you seamlessly transition your teams and processes into DevOps. We will walk you through the practices by remote or send one of our professional staff to your office to assess, recommend, and begin DeOps integration with your teams. Call us to set up a consultation appointment or request for someone to meet with you at your soonest convenience.

Web Dev & Email

Build your online presence

We understand that first impressions count and your online presence is a major driver for new business and sales. We focus on promoting your business in the best possible way through responsive web design and development services.

Further more, email marketing continues to drive one of the best conversion rates for businesses and can help strength relationships, we work with you to understand your goals and offer email campaign setup, design and development services with a focus on your business needs.

SEO & Adwords

Promote your online presence

We work with you to understand your business, your goals, your competitors and devise a strategy to meet your business needs. We can help grow your online presence by tailoring a solution focused on your goals and budget in an effort to increase your business search rankings and sales.

We offer services that range from Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords & PPC Advertising, Social Media ads and Remarketing campaigns.


Management of existing infrastructure

Trust Affernet to assist you in maximizing productivity of your current infrastructure by minimizing downtimes through the proper management of your substructures such as systems, networks, and data storage.

Migration of infrastructure to cloud

Take advantage of our full-service infrastructure migration process where we don’t simply map over your identical services. Affernet audits your current infrastructure, evaluates its efficiency, recommends how a smooth cloud migration can be executed, then assists you all the way to the actual migration to cloud.

Optimisation of infrastructure for cost and/or availability

As your business grows, especially if yours is a digital business that has a highly dynamic workload, it eventually goes through a chaotic phase. Afferent can help you break through the chaos by consolidating and standardizing processes and the operating environment for optimum cost efficiency and performance.

Automated Deployments

Automating deployments is critically tied to continuous delivery. Affernet makes sure you acquire and learn the relevant and necessary tools to guarantee less deployment headaches and more seamless deliveries.

Automated Testing

Set up automated testing to make sure tests can be repeatedly performed at any given time any number of times. Affernet will assist you in implementing a customised test automation strategy that your test engineers, manual testers, and developers can easily adapt to.

Continuous Integration

Continuous builds when partnered with test automation equals continuous integration. Separately, each one is a gem in your infrastructure. Fused together by continuous integration produces optimum results; each build is enabled to assess the strength or weakness of the code base.

Deployment of DevOps Tools

When you partner with Affernet to move your business into DevOps, We help you assess your infrastructure processes, select the different DevOps tools that match your needs, then deploy and implement them to streamline and speed up the delivery of your products or services.

Remote Consultation

Consult with us through video conferencing or conference calls to learn how to transition your teams into DevOps

Face-to-Face Consultation

Affernet will send a DevOps professional to your offices to assess your operations and consult with you on how to take the next step in advancing your business through DevOps solutions.

Focused Coaching

Let your teams get the full benefit of Affernet's DevOps expertise through focused coaching where you and your teams are coached through the various stages of DevOps integration via remote and face-to-face consultations.

Responsive Design

We consider every detail when designing and building your website. We can offer anything from template design solutions to more customised designs that are mobile responsive for web and email.

UX Considerations

We design dynamic and engaging websites that are flexible for future-proofreading, with a focus on good user experience. We consider all aspects of the users digital interaction with your company, its services or products.

Content Management Systems

We offer a variety of CMS solutions tailored to your business needs with a focus on DIY management. Offering support and training to help you get started.

Email Marketing Campaign

We offer email campaign setup, as well as, the custom design and develop of DIY email templates that you can use and manage for your own marketing needs.

Audit & Optimise

We offer technical audits to ensure your website is optimized in google. Including Title, Tags, Meta data, URLs, technical errors, site maps and structured data.

Content & Link Building

We focus on growing and optimsing your content and links through blogs & local search focused strategies.

Analyse, Refine & Report

We monitor, refine and maintain content and technical aspects of your website. Offering ongoing support to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

About Us

Affernet has been working with digital companies since 2006, helping them incorporate DevOps into their processes and teams.


We are a tech company dedicated to providing digital companies with the right tools and management strategies to help them manoeuvre the challenges of bonding development and operations so that workflow, deployment, feedback, and other processes are performed in one smooth, continuous cycle.


Affernet helps digital business streamline their operations through cloud management and implementation of DevOps tools that are best suited to their infrastructure’s needs. Our recommended tools and their implementation helps businesses save on costs while optimising their performance. 


It is our mission to provide the services in cloud management and DevOps by recommending the most suitable tools, assisting in their set-up and implementation, as well as providing post-sales, post-training consultations.


It is our vision to see digital companies begin implementing DevOps practices to overcome the challenges of frequent deploys while maintaining a low failure rate and so come out with a product or service that they continuously improve on as well as valued by their end-users or customers.


Affernet doesn't see its clients as simply that - clients. Each digital business that consults with us is considered a partner. They are the people who, like us, believe that all teams can collaborate and work as a seamless whole to advance the products and services each company offers the world.

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