Managed Services

Affernet will manage your internet services and make any updates remotely.

A list of common services we offer is shown below. Affernet prides itself on using proven Open Source technologies to deliver quality service for your business.

Inter-Office Connectivity

Multiple offices have the need to share data securely and privately. A Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution using only high grade encryption would seamlessly integrate offices.

Remote Access

Many of us require remote access to our offices whether it be just to catch up on email or working entirely from home. Different solutions are available depending on the level of access required.


Connecting to the Internet requires a level of protection from both external and internal abuse. Our managed firewall service will ensure network access is maintained to your requirements.

Content Filtering - SPAM + Antivirus

Unsolicited bulk email (SPAM) is a huge nuisance. Viruses are also a problem with companies reporting serious downtimes due to their infection. Our content filtering service can filter your email for SPAM and viruses with daily updates to the virus definitions.

Internal Network Services

We can manage your company's internal services to allow you to focus on your company's strengths. DHCP, Proxy, Web, email, shared drives are just some of the services offered.